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Frequently asked questions

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Why choose TotalBarber?

We don’t like to show off but have a read of our student testimonials and see for yourself what people think about their time with us. We are also proud to announce that we are the highest rated barber school in the country. 

Our flexibility, relaxed atmosphere and passion for quality barbering is what makes us the granddaddy of all barber schools. We teach not just the modern fashions but a full grounding in classic old school barbering which means you will be ready for a real life barbershop anywhere in the world.

All our tutors are Master Barbers. 

Our gang have been together for years and have the experience to get the best from our students.

We have a reputation for nurturing our students.

If you are nervous and lack confidence, we help you build it up and become proud of what you have achieved.

If you want to learn a particular style. Let’s do it!

Our groups are small so you get dedicated tutors with you all the way.

Very practical training with no long seminars. Just cutting hair and having a fun experience along the way.

Plus a cheeky pint or two.

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Will I get a job once finished?

Another simple answer. Yes.

If you are a good barber, with a good personality and have passion then yes you’ll get a barber job.

We have a barber job page that is only for our students. Once you have enrolled on a course you’ll be able to access that page and see the many barber jobs available. 

We also have a long and good reputation in the industry which means many barbershops approach us looking for our students.

Our repeated mantra seems to be, work hard, be passionate for the barber life and we can help you gain the skills needed to get work.

Our students regularly get jobs before they even finish their course

It all depends on how hard you work.

Just like life itself.

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Barber wages?

Wages can differ between barbershops so it is difficult to give a definite answer.

But it’s become more common that a split system is used.

That means a 40/60 or 50/50 split between you, the barber, and the shop owner, on the cost charged for a service.

Other shops simply pay a regular wage and maybe with commission schemes.

Our advice is always this: 

Build a clientele base by being a damn good barber, engaging with your clients and offering a good service is key, but so is finding the right barbershop for you.

There are so many types of barbershops around so finding one that suits your personality and style isn’t difficult.

Once you build a clientele you can earn good money and have a stress free barber life.