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Get information about TotalBarber and our history as the U.k.’s original barber school.


When you think about becoming a barber what is it that appears in your mind?

For many it is a stress free life, making good money from your skills, being an artisan and of course chatting to various people all day.

That does just about sum it all up.

When our founder started barbering over nearly 30 yrs ago, the barber life was very different. Hardly any women were barbers and there wasn't many alternative or different styles available.

A stark contrast to the barber life today, where you can find all number of niche barbers and barbershops that suit you perfectly.

TotalBarber started the whole dedicated barber training explosion over 17 yrs ago. Mostly from necessity as we couldn't find good barbers for our own barbershops. So the idea of training good quality barbers began. Purposely using old school techniques that we were taught by the old Italian and Cypriot barbers plus using modern techniques and equipment that gives modern barbering its unique, distinct looks and styles.

You can trace the explosion of modern barbering back to when TotalBarber was introduced into a much appreciated industry. 


TotalBarber have been featured by many media and news outlets including BBC, ITV and Channel4, giving advice, opinions and sometimes just for fun.

 TotalBarber have trained  100's of barbers, of all ages and backgrounds. Pretty much everyone had gone on to better things, either getting barber jobs, or opening barbershops, or the lucky ones get to travel the world cutting hair on beaches.

All our tutors are Master Barbers which means you are good at everything, Not just fades but scissor work, shaving, fashion cuts and old school skills. We pass that knowledge on to you and help you find your way in the barber world.

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